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Visitor Visa – Multiple Visa Refusal History

Our client Y. Fu sought our assistance in this case in applying for a subclass 600 Visitor visa for the purpose of attending her daughter’s graduation ceremony in Australia. While preparing the submission, we promptly noted that Ms Fu’s history of multiple visa refusals may be an adverse factor in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s final decision. Ms Fu’s previous visa records showed that within the period of three years, five separate visa applications had been rejected by the Department. This complexity placed a significant burden on the current case and gave it low prospects of success.


We strategically prepared our submissions to the Department by addressing the issue of our client’s visa refusal history firsthand. We submitted that it would be inconsistent for the Department to assess the current application on the basis of these prior visa refusals. Furthermore, we contended that our client’s visa refusal history should not be given significant weight due to her flawless travel history to Australia and compliance with previous visa conditions. Finally, we also argued that her daughter’s graduation ceremony presented a strong and compassionate reason for traveling to Australia.


The arguments we provided were compelling and indicated our client’s genuine intention of traveling to Australia on a temporary basis. The Department was satisfied with our submission and ultimately granted our client a Visitor visa.