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Every individual is unique and so is every situation. Very much like doctors, we need to know all facts and circumstances of your case before we can map out and provide you with a clear and comprehensive advice and point out the pathway towards achieving the desired outcome.


In some cases, there may be number of different pathways. Each pathway have its own advantages, risks and challenges. If you are not aware of them, how can you be confident that you are on the best pathway?

No, we do not provide free consultation or assessment.


We know many migration agents and even some lawyers offer free consultation or assessment. Those are generally a short discussion asking a set of standard questions for you to answer to see which visa you appear to be eligible for or what to do next. Then comes the sales patch of how experienced they are to convince you to engage them. We say that is not ‘consultation’. They are not much different to you buying a TV where a salesperson asks you for the size of your lounge and then recommending a TV and trying to convince you to buy it.


A consultation of value is one work with you through all the issues and not only advice on the pathway and option but most importantly, letting you know why a particular pathway or option is best to your circumstances.


When you have a consultation with us, you become ‘our client’. We must ensure we provide ‘our client’ with accurate and comprehensive expert advice. This is part of our professional obligations which we are accountable for. Records of all information you provide us and advice we give are kept for 7 years as required by law.

To provide you with accurate and comprehensive expert advice, we will ask you to let us know your full circumstances. With many immigration matters, we may also ask you about information you provided in previous visa applications. This is important because inconsistent information or perceived inconsistency may cause problems for future visa application or could even trigger visa cancellation.


During our consultation:


  • We will gather all the information we need from you to allow us to identify and map out the different pathways or options that are available to you.
  • We will then advise you of all the available pathways and options. We will also inform and discuss with you the essential requirements or considerations that must be satisfied or addressed. We will explain to you how you can satisfy it or address it.
  • If there are more than one option or pathway, we will advise you of the pros and cons between each, including prospects of success, costs and expected timeframe.
  • Where needed, we will also explain to you our strategy so you can fully understand how we will handle your case to success.

Consultation are generally 30 mins to 1 hour in length depending on the nature of the matter.

The following is our consultation fee schedule:

Lawyer /
Senior Migration Advisor





Senior Lawyer /
Principal Migration Advisor





Special Counsel /
Principal Lawyer (Accredited
Specialist, Immigration Law)

We will recommend you the most suitable consultation session when you make the booking. Of course, if you have specific preferences, please let us know when making booking.

Yes. Our consultation can be in-person, by telephone or WhatsApp, or video conference through Microsoft Teams.


In fact, many of our clients now prefer video conference as technology allows sharing of screens to view electronic documents and information together, something that is difficult during in-person consultation.

Please contact us first. We will ask you for some basic information including your enquiry.


We will then determine the most suitable lawyer or advisor that can assist you and contact you back to book an appointment. Where possible, we will let you know at the time of booking what our fees may be if you engage us to do the work.

You may pay our consultation fee in advance into our law practice trust account.


Alternatively, you can pay on the day before the consultation by credit card or cash if you are attending in-person consultation.


We will provide you more information at the time of booking.