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Skilled Independent Visa – Proper Assessment Process

We successfully assisted our client M. Gurung in this case in applying for a subclass 885 Skilled Independent visa. After submitting the application, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requested for our client to provide a list of further supporting documents to assist the Department in reaching a final decision. Among the information requested was our client’s PAYG summaries for the year 2010 in order to satisfy the 12 months work experience component of the visa application.


In our response submission to the Department, we contended that the requested document was unnecessary to the visa application. We submitted that the employment information that had already been previously provided accounted for the minimum 12 months of Australian work experience that was required to satisfy this component of the visa application. By taking this approach, we were able to successfully challenge the Department’s request for further documentation by only providing information that was relevant to satisfy the requirements of the visa application.


The visa was successfully granted by the Department without any further complications.