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Permanent Residence Visa – Successful Ministerial Intervention Request

We successfully assisted our client S. Ong in this case in obtaining a permanent residence visa through an application for ministerial intervention. We were initially contacted by a community organisation that referred Ms Ong’s matter to us. Ms Ong, 76 years of age, had remained unlawfully in Australia without a valid visa for almost 30 years since arriving from Malaysia on a tourist visa that expired in 1985. Since her arrival in Australia, Ms Ong has held various domestic work roles and has also participated in volunteer work for many years.


We elected to assist Ms Ong pro bono in resolving her unlawful immigration status. We worked strategically to prepare a request for ministerial intervention that was thoroughly supported by compelling evidence, including, among other things, letters of community support which highlighted Ms Ong’s contribution and importance through her volunteer work towards the Australian community. We also contended that Ms Ong would suffer unnecessary hardship should she return to her home country due to the fact that she has lost contact with her family since departing Malaysia 46 years ago.

It is with great pleasure to write that the Minister accepted our request for ministerial intervention and a permanent residence visa was successfully granted to Ms Ong. Our swift action and strategical approach played a key role in ensuring that this matter was resolved both smoothly and successfully.

Please click on the attached file to see the final visa grant outcome.