I would like to thank Mr. David Gu for the incredible work he and his team did for my family and I. David was very intelligent, diligent and helpful. When we originally met with David, we were given a clear indication of what was required to be successful, the work we needed to undertake and what ProActive legal could do to make the process easier. I felt more confident and less hopeless after the first meeting with David. He used his experience as a MRT officer to identify remedies from legislation and policies to apply in adverse situations which others may overlook. This is one of the many benefits of seeking David’s help.

——Jian Guo Q. – Partner visa

I came to ProActive Legal due to the serious challenges relating to my permanent residence visa application. After my application was refused by the Department of Immigration, I realised that I needed to seek help from a professional immigration specialist. David is very professional and experienced in immigration matters. He took the time to cover every necessary detail to ensure he had a good understanding of my case. He is excellent in finding even minor points which can overturn the case. I believe that he really takes care of his clients and aligns their priorities and interests with his goals. I am very satisfied with his legal service and would definitely recommend ProActive Legal.


I sought help from ProActive Legal after my student visa application got refused. I was in panic when I received the decision record from the Department of Immigration. It was then that my friend recommended me to ProActive Legal. Mr. David Gu helped me as my representative in the Migration Review Tribunal. His presentation to the Tribunal was well-prepared and thoroughly supported by documents. His expertise and knowledge in immigration law played a huge factor in helping me to get my student visa back. I am very satisfied and pleased with ProActive Legal’s level of professionalism and attention to detail throughout my case.

——J. Xi – MRT review of Student visa refusal

I feel very lucky to have engaged ProActive Legal to resolve my immigration difficulties. They always explain issues in-depth and respond to my emails and calls in a timely manner. They are extremely helpful and excellent in solving challenging cases such as mine. Their integrity, expertise and patience helped me to achieve a great result. I am very happy with the ProActive Legal team. They supported me through the dark time of my life. I highly recommend ProActive Legal to anyone that needs specialist services relating to immigration difficulties.

——Anonymous – Partner visa

Due to the nature and complexity of my skills assessment review case, I almost lost my hope to move forward. However, after having my meeting with David, I decided to take his advice and let him prepare my appeal. During the time of appeal preparation, I was deeply impressed by his approach and his level of professionalism. He is able to make complicated cases simple and straightforward.  I would like to say thank you to David again for all the efforts and hard work that was put into my case.


We highly commend David and his team at ProActive Legal for helping us to achieve a successful outcome to our complex visa application. From the beginning of the case until the end, his team showed great professionalism, expertise and were extremely approachable. We really appreciate their hard work and dedication in achieving a positive outcome to our case. I appreciate the quality of work that ProActive Legal has done for me in the past few years.


I would like to express my appreciation to David’s team for the effort and time contributed towards my permanent residence visa application. David is reliable and responsive. He was highly capable in guiding us through complex immigration policies and procedures. He can find minor points in legal cases and transform them into standing points to win the case. The result he achieved for me exceeded my expectations. Thanks to David for such high quality service – I would definitely recommend ProActive Legal to anyone who needs legal help.

——J. Liang – Orphan Relative Visa

In the past 2 years, ProActive Legal has reunited my family by successfully resolving my partner visa issue. I was quite hopeless during that time since the case was very challenging and other firms told me that there was nothing they could do. Fortunately, I engaged David to handle my case. Along the way David and the rest of his team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity and patience with all the questions and issues my family had. I would be more than happy to recommend their services to anyone seeking legal advice and assistance in immigration matters. The price of their legal service is quite reasonable taking into consideration the amount of effort and time they devote to their clients.

——A. An – Partner Visa

Mr. David Gu works comprehensively with his clients and is very friendly. Due to his professional trustworthy advice and help, we finally managed to get our permanent residence visas successfully. David and his team were very professional, kind and patient with us. We were constantly kept updated about the progress of our application. Any questions we had were welcomed and answered in detail. We really appreciate everything he did for us.

——James L., Subclass 892 Business Owner (Residence) visa

In my point of view David is very knowledgeable person and he understood my case very well and he did well. I remember the time when everyone refused to take my case but only David see the chances to win and today only because of David I succeeded. I will refer everyone to David of ProActive Legal. Thanks once again.

——Gurinder S. – Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

When it comes to dealing with immigration matters, I would like to recommend ProActive Legal to any person. I want to say thank you to Mr. David Gu and his team for providing me with professional help. They are reliable, trustworthy, honest with their clients and provide help in a positive and efficient way. With their assistance, I was able to achieve a great result.

——Xiao W.

I recommend ProActive Legal because of their high level of service and dedication. One of my friends recommended me to seek help from David when my student visa was at risk of being refused. David examined my case in a professional manner and applied his expertise. ProActive Legal managed the complexity of my case due to their professionalism and resolved my problem in a short amount of time. Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Australia and continue to enjoy my life here.

——John J. – MRT review of Student visa refusal