Estate Litigation

We regularly provide advice on questions which sometimes arise that executors find challenging; particularly concerning family provision claims, the occupation of an estate property, contracts in which the deceased was a party and outstanding loans or debts.


We provide advice concerning any applications which may challenge the validity of any will made by the deceased, including the capacity of the deceased when the will was made.


We provide advice to executors on the appropriate response to be made to persons who may claim that adequate provision has not been made for them out of a deceased estate.


Alternatively, we provide advice on the prospects of success of any application that may be made by a person for a court order that adequate provision be made for them out of a deceased estate.


We have developed skills for settling family provision claims by negotiation or mediation at an early stage to avoid the costs of an expensive litigated hearing and to maximise the size of the estate to be distributed to its beneficiaries.